Boom Beach


A spiritual sequel of Clash of Clans with more depth

Supercell  |  4 more applications - March 20, 2019
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Boom Beach 35.158reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5/5
There is a reason why there exists a whole genre of games that started with Clash of Clans. The game that revolutionized the gaming industry and became one of the most popular mobile phone games of all time.

Supercell came out with a spiritual sequel which provides more depth, fun, and it's named Boom Beach. This game is going to look quite familiar to those who played Clash of Clans beforehand. You start with a base on a single island, and your main goal is to explore the area and liberate the island natives from villains.

There is always something to do, from upgrading your base by building more defense structures, upgrading your production facilities, and training more troops to fight for you. There are plenty of strategies to implement and thoughtless fighting will get you nowhere in the long run.

There are different kinds of units which need to be combined for maximum efficiency. You also need to think about defense as other players can attack your base and the island you have under your occupation.

In the process, you earn coins, production material and medals, which are the main reference of ones power and success. Keep in mind that this is still a freemium game. Building new and upgrading old structures, as well as training new units takes some time.

This can be skipped using in-game currencies which are purchased exclusively via real money. It's great for users who tend to play in short, intense sessions. People who are looking for a game to keep them entertained for hours in one go should probably look elsewhere.

• An entertaining game with plenty of things to do
• Strategy is a must in order to be successful
• Graphics are nice and cartoonish
• Both defense and attack matter
• A freemium game - it becomes much easier if you are willing to pay up
• Waiting for structures to be built makes it impossible for the game to occupy you more than a few minutes in one go
• The social aspect was downgraded when compared to Clash of Clans


What's new in this version

• Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Minimum requirements

• Android 4.0.3+

Additional info

Operating system: Android

Package name: com.supercell.boombeach

Supported languages: English

Release date: 2018-11-06

Downloads: 2

Downloads last week: 1

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